måndag 11 maj 2015

The quiet before the Storm

The preparations for LinCon is almost done. Alexander and I decided to take a little break with a 500 game with his new Raven Guard, he wanted to have a first game, just to learn how Assault Marines worked and get a feel what they can do, with a Chaplain.
I still take shitty pictures so bear with me. I will soon buy a new phone and I hope it will get better. We hope to fix the light so the picture stop being so grim dark
For the new demo, the only I have left to do is to fix one lonely Chosen scrub and a few highlights here and there then it's ready for tabletop. I re-coloured all of the Cultists form have a very bight tan to pale (bluish) skin, oh so grim dark. It went with the whole theme of scenarios too. 
I actually remembered to take pictures now when we played. Enjoy the grim dark pictures aaand wait for the next update tomorrow when everything is packed and ready to go. We all from Vimmerby Wargaming are #HYPEd 100%!
See you there!
Over and out /Fillee

The two guys with bluetac on the jump pack are equipped with flamers.

The gaurdians in reserve tried to repel the enemy with no luck at all. they did no shit with lousy to wound rolls and ended up with the middle finger pointed at them. 

The squad jumped forward and draw their flamers, causing 17 wounds.....

and nothing was left but a pile of black smoke, so grim dark.
I quickly turned my Wraithlord and went to attack. resulting with killing off the arrogant Chaplain.
so grim dark.
After turn five, the only thing standing left was the remains of the combat squad holding off an objective. The wraith constructs ended their small lives.
Overall, the big heroes of the game was the flamers and my psychic powers. I rolled Protect and used them on my wraith guards and Horrify which worked well on the tac squads.

After the game we workshoped a few hours and I got the bikes finished up. 

I am going to take better pictures when I get hold of a better camera.

I hope you'll have a great week and don't forget to follow the blog now this week. great things will happen and I will post as much as I can.

Yours  truly~


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