tisdag 16 september 2014

Aspect Army/ Mechenized

So I have tried out the striking scorpions now a few games in my aspects army.
I think two squads need to fill this roll in wave serpents, scout up and jam down that serpents shot in the thoughts! then turn 2 jump out and hug a wall or cover  then pounce them with both squads, the exarch is a BEAST! Killed half a squad by himself. that ap2 claw is too good not to take.

Farseer support are mandatory for this setup and dire avenger minimal squad size in serpents is the way to go.

In this list I also took hawks which I liked, haven't used them as much as Spiders for they are too good not to take but I'm trying to vary my army choices nowadays.

Here is the list I have using:

Autach, Wings, Fire Saber

Striking Scorpions  w/e Exach, Biting Blade w/ Wave Serpent w/ Scatterlasers, Holofields
Striking Scorpions  w/e Exach, Claw w/ Wave Serpent w/ Scatterlasers, Holofields

x5 Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent w/ Scatterlasers, Holofields
x5 Dire Avengers w/ Wave Serpent w/ Scatterlasers, Holofields

x5 Hawks

Wraithknight Suncannon, scatterlaser

So this is a smal list I've been testing. Observe that all of the models are WIP.

See you guys!

måndag 8 september 2014

Conversion Contest 2013 Throwback Tzeentch Soul Grinder

Last year I entered a Conversion contest at the club, the project was supposed to be done at the end of the summer. I took the biggest model available in the shop and began.

I was totally sold at that moment with grey knights and the Inquisition, I bought all the books and all kinds of stuff, so it fell normal to do two kinds of Inquisitors fighting a big beast say like a Daemon!
This tzeentchian Daemon worked really good, a great kit to use. I had a blast building and painting this dude!

What I can remember I'd just showed you guys a picture of the finish product. So not I'm about to share some of my work in progress pics!

The Armour colour is made as the same how Sons of Horus are made.
Spray Black
Paint the whole model a dark grey (dont't remember the name)
Drybrush with Dawnstone
Highlight with White Scar on the places where light hits
Wash it with Biel-Tan
Go back to White Scar the do touch-ups!

The warp sword is renamed to 'the sun sword'!

The finished product ready to 'Philem bombardment' the crap of the battlefield!

Picturedump Imperial Guard

Some of you guys, a while back mailed me and asked if my Imperial Guard army was sold or something because I stopped to talk about them.
No the are not, in fact I'm looking at their cases right now, so I was going to share a few pics of them.
these are old pictures (pre-6th ed, so around 2012?) so many models are not painted or the pictures might be bad. Don't forget that I haven't touch this army since 2012.

But I'm more that happy to share my army that got me in to competitive play and wanted to kick ass on the table for many reasons, especially when the new dex was released and I was sitting down and suddenly realized: wow IG are now really cocky, like deadly, in the 4th ed codex I was all about sit in the table corner and defended. Then (in 5th) I discovered that Chimeras needs to  come in groups and bought myself a steelwall.
Anyway hope that the pictures will tell something about my reckless history about how careless and cold-hearted I am with loosing Armour saves (even after playing Space Marines hehe).