söndag 29 juni 2014

Wraith Knight FINISH

Now guys. My Knight is ABSOLUTLY DONE.
Damn it turned out nice.
I'll post some pictures of it.

måndag 9 juni 2014

Long time no see.

It has been TOO long since I updated a shit here!
I've been working on some stuff guys.
But the last months has been really rough.

I'm done with the Business school now and I had this project that I've been working on, that took three months! So little time went off for the 40king stuff. But I will post some pictures of the work and games i remembered to take photos on.

I have a girlfriend. She the the most beautiful person I know AND she's supporting my hobby! Can it get better? I'm even thinking of moving in together with her after the summer. Maybe even move to another city for her. that's how much I love her.

Highligts and perks since I updated last.
I won the 40k tournament at CalCon 2014 with Eldar. 1500pts I had two relatively easy games and one hard.
The first game was against a hard hitting Blood angels list with lots of terminators and death company. relatively competitive but he was easly out outmaneuvered by my Jetbikes and Warp spiders.
The second was between Space marines. It went well. Two flyers and lots of terminators and tanks. A very shooty list but like i always do, try to isolate all units and gun them down with Jetbikes and Warp spiders : tagteam. But the highlight was when the mantach assaulted missile devsquad and got a krak right in the face and missed the cover save the first time and did it on the reroll, assaulted in and took down 4 of them (the sargant was killed the round before).
The last game was between Stormlord Necrons allied with tau. TAU REALLY! OKEY NO NERDRAGE NEEDED ON MY OWN BLOG ;) but with the tricky little bikes I was contesting all of his objectives and won with my own in the backfield.

I was lucky to pull in the neighbour in to 40k and he went with Necrons.
We had a blast painting and gaming together, late nights and a lot of beer. I really needed it when I lived in Kalmar 'cuz I was so alone without my real gameclub Vimmerby Wargming but I was still a member in the Kalmar Gaming Community.

More to come with picture of the last months!