tisdag 14 mars 2017

Showcase of my Iron Warriors HORUS HERESY 30K

As I showed you a post before, Last year I bought a beaten up old land raider MK1, yes!
One year ago but in all honestly I havent had time to even start the restoration of it but a few weeks ago I striped the paint and fixed it, gave it some love and so now I want to show off what I have done with it and the things in my army so a few pictures will be dumped here as well..

I just want to clear some things out that Iv'e not a slacker at the hobby just because I don't put out as much material as I used a few years ago and a lot of old post is deleted. But a lot of moving from my part and some switches at new jobs and a promotion makes posting on my blog not come in 1st 2nd or 3rd hand to do when you have spare time, I want ofc to show off all thing I do but most things of all I just want to sit down and paint my miniatures :)

Well here's some pictures!

måndag 9 januari 2017

Iron Warriors Land Raider Proteus Conversion

So here it is, the famous and ugly Land Raider mark 1, now in later edition horus heresy for being exactly is now called Land Raider Proteus.

This bad boy come equipped with two twin linked las cannons aaaand nothing more. yes thats it, the rest you need to go and buy extra parts of FW to be happy. But in all seriousness this old fellow I got here for you today is actually and OLD original back from the dead. I founded it on the Swedish equivalent to Ebay. A guy sold it for too cheap so it would be stupid of me not to buy it.

Well it had been sitting in a box almost a year after I stripped it from paint and rebuild the kit but to make use of it, because let's be honest i'll not gonna use it as that bad tank (at least rule wise) so I made some modifikations on it. as you can see I extended the hull a bit to make it a little bigger  and with some rhino doors I made an assault ramp from the guys inside.

When I bought it I saw it didn't came with the las cannons, which was a real bummer so I took some lascannons for predators and two cannons from the Storm Talon kit. After some glue and greenstuff I was done and it don't look that bad.

I've painted it up to my Iron Warriors and I'm happy with the result and for being an "ugly old tank from the 80s" I think I made a great work for this little fellow so he can be shown off and not sit in someones closet to never see the daylight again.

Here is some pictures off him.

Fillee40k's HORUS GREEN

I have had a big problem with my Sons of Horus for a while, not the awesome models, not in fact I've got THREE tanks for Christmas that is gonna be SoH. No the problem I have was the paint, yes the paint.

My own recipe for them was almost empty so I thought to myself, well let's start mix a new one, I sat down and started to mix my color that I used.

Sotek Green and Skarsnik Green. I was sitting and tried to make the perfect color and of course the exact same one and suddenly the Sotek Green can was empty so I started to scrape more and more inside the can with no lucky result.  I gave it a good shake for 30 seconds and opened and squeezed out a drop.  Fuck, no the color looks like shit I was thinking to myself plus that I've been doing A big mess both to my table, my paint clothes plus the floor,
I was really sloppy and wasn't happy with anything. The days went and I ordered new pots of them both and I was ready to throw the old paint and just make a new old and that's great just pour 7 EUR down the drain. When to color came from GW I was sitting at the table and I was looking at the pot.
Maybe I'll give it one last try. I poured down a big blobb with Sotek Green, gave it a 30 ses pounding, open and squeezed.
Omg, it was right on the god dam spot!!!

And now I'm down to business again and I can finish both the tanks and rest of the guys.
Tho I really haven't started with the awesome Justarin terminators that I converted by my self.

Here you have some pictures to see juuuust the right color and when I was done I was on such a good mood so I restorated my Tallaran Flesh and put some other color in droppers, the big droppers comes from a Chinese brand is made for small things like shampoo and conditioners for hotels and stuff like that you know what I'm talking about. I bought them from a Swedish stor called Ålens.

Here is the old color that I made that was soon to be empty.

Guess which blobb is the new and old?  (right is the the new one)

I gave it a new sticker, new dropper!

Here is the other colors that I transferred to droppers.

söndag 8 januari 2017

Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi of the Minotaurs PAINTED

These two guys is what I've been painting the last days,

At one point for two years ago I almost bought a pile of marines and the plan for them was to start a small force with The Minotaurs. I have a demo ( the Dark Vengeance box) that I use to show people on events and convents both what is 40k and how you can play it, so I had three missions that was inspired of the missions in the  DV book but a lot simplified to make it flow very nice and more brake it up so people understand that the marines on bikes is a hell to remove. you can play it up to four people if you come in as a group, two on each side and you have to make the decisions nad some times to get punished for that. A hell of fun!

Instead of the boring ugly Dark Angels I painted them up as Minotaurs and the chaos as Alpha Legion, most so my cousin can use them then I don't.

The Minotaurs came out very nice and the are located somewhere in the blog with pictures if you want to check them out.

In 2016 I was sitting and ordering stuff for my Iron Warriors and these two guys just tagged along home form Forge World to Sweden.
I've just cleaned all of my hoby boxes and I founded Moloc and Enkomi.

It took a while then I was done it the base color I saw that the guy (Enkomi ) had a skull face and i noticed it was a Chaplain (silly me) so I went back with black and just painted his helmet black.
They were two very fun miniatures paint becouse they have all kind of stuff on them like icons, leaves, disks and icons.

The spear what I understand is a black spear from Terra and I didn't want to have it like a normal power weapon (it's AP 2)
I painted it black and wet blended it with  a mix of Sotek Green and Abbadon Black and when it was dry a washed it with Nuln Oil and after that was dried I put on a thin coat if Gloss Varnish so it has this shine on it, hope you find the pics interesting.
Have a good day!

New supply from Element Games GET CODE HERE!

Hello guys. Now that I have a air brush I really need to start to step upp my paint game here.
As you can see just above this text of the blog you can see a 40k icon, if you click on it you will be redirected to Element Games

I ordered a bunch of stuff like Vallejo colors, droppers, Cleaning brush set, mags and a cleaning pot.
The order went under 85 EUR so it wasn't too bad.

But I hade some problems to get it, first three things was not in their stock so I had to wait under after New year and when I got home from Vimmerby and back in Kalmar again I got this mail that 20 dropper and Game color 147 Heavy black green haven't arrived yet so I was thinking this is insane but I read the whole mail and they were sending in two batches, one with  all that was in stock and the other later.
So at least I'll not  have to pay for the second shipping.

Well that's my story from my latest supply and I need to say this was the first time I needed to wait this long to get my stuff, we have to remember that any store all around the world have been empty their stock since Christmas and every thing.

Well I was thinking that if you want to give it a try (without get the problems I have) be sure click on the link and when you are at the checkout you can enter the my code in the voucher box, You will get extra store credit, so it i bought and order of lets say 80 EUR I will get credit for 0.9 EUR when you enter MY code you will get dubble up in total of 1.8 EUR in discount. pretty sweet that's almost an extra painting pot.

Here is 1.8 EUR I give to you!

fredag 6 januari 2017

How to base with Agrellan Earth

I've using Agrellan Earth to rebase all my Blood Angels now in the week and it's going pretty well. 

I was thinking if someone is interesting how I do my basing with the technical paints  This is how I do, I think there is lot of people who can do it mush better than me but this is how I do it the simple way.

I begin to paint all the bases with Steel Legion Drab which is a nice colour that cover the whole base with a nice brown. Then after it is dried I start to rock on with the Agerllan Earth, you can put on a much as you want, I like to vary mine with some with heavy paint and some of them with less.
I wash the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade

After the wash is completely dried I do a light dry brush with Zandri Dust to make some of the eadges pop little better,
After that I'm ready to put on the models again, sometimes i'll scrape some of the paint off to make it easy to glue on just where the feet should be.

lördag 17 december 2016

I'm embarrassed!

Like the title  said, I'm embarrassed! It is almost  a year since  I posted anything.
Let's say I've  been too busy posting, not that I've not done any hobby, it's just that I've moved back to Kalmar, got two(!) new jobs. I'm working as a guide at Kalmar Castle  (wooho) and my second job is at a toy store. I'm of course selling GW  products as a freak that I am.
The whole summer I've been working on my Sons  of Hours army with the help of the Calth box, I've bought  The Warmaster himself  and some other beautiful Forge world kits.

My Iron Warriors  got pretty  strong, for the moment  only bought FW  models, so far no Prospero box, big Pert  is on the move to be painted soon.

But wait there is more...
I've secretly  now for a half  a year try to fix my secret project and in secret for my cousin. Even he don't even know what I'm working  on. But that army is taking form. Let's say this paint  was really  hard to pull off.  I will reveal  it soon so bear with me.

Have a good  day
/ Fillee 40k

lördag 21 november 2015

Betrayal at Calth 30k Sons of Horus ALL HAIL THE WARMASTER! WIP

I pre-ordered the Calth box when it came out and I've been busy lets say. My cousin and I split the box, He took the Ultramarine side and I took the other. THIS BOX IS INCREDIBLE!  I MEAN INCREDIBLE! Sooo good looking models.  Picture dump! Enjoy them like I did.
I took the picture with my phone camera so the light doesn't justify the models, we will ceartain see more of them soon with better pictures. Lets with until some more money drop in and we will buy another set the complete a 1000pts list to add for our upcoming campaign. Keep and eye out, The eye of Horus.

With FW close combat set laying around I used some parts to make a Praetor and this will be one of the Captains for the Sons of Horus Legion.

A contemptor foot from a dead Salamander showing off there too...

First try to make heated metal. 

'Aint got no time to waith on decal, freehand the shit out it! 

This.... again....