lördag 21 november 2015

Betrayal at Calth 30k Sons of Horus ALL HAIL THE WARMASTER! WIP

I pre-ordered the Calth box when it came out and I've been busy lets say. My cousin and I split the box, He took the Ultramarine side and I took the other. THIS BOX IS INCREDIBLE!  I MEAN INCREDIBLE! Sooo good looking models.  Picture dump! Enjoy them like I did.
I took the picture with my phone camera so the light doesn't justify the models, we will ceartain see more of them soon with better pictures. Lets with until some more money drop in and we will buy another set the complete a 1000pts list to add for our upcoming campaign. Keep and eye out, The eye of Horus.

With FW close combat set laying around I used some parts to make a Praetor and this will be one of the Captains for the Sons of Horus Legion.

A contemptor foot from a dead Salamander showing off there too...

First try to make heated metal. 

'Aint got no time to waith on decal, freehand the shit out it! 

This.... again....

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