tisdag 30 april 2013

valborgsmässoafton 2013

Happy Valborgsmässoafton from Sweden!

söndag 21 april 2013

The work of the weekend!

Added a Kasrkin squad as Warrior Acolytes

Really happy with the result of the sarge!
Added a few bitz and pieces and wuzzah!
Inquisitorial Chimera!

I didn't know where to put the Inquisition Icon so I glued it over the hatch.
Maybe I did a mistake but I think it turned out nice. If I change my mind I'll stick it at the side.

Took a banner from the Tombkings, I think it fitted.

That's was everything today! Stay tuned!

onsdag 17 april 2013

Grey Knights 04-17

I bought the Grey Knights codex cheap of a friend last weekend. I have read and sucked in all information I can get from the codex. To say, this codex is still pretty good, the only things that in my opinion took a hit in 6th is the power weapons, there is not a reliable way to deal with heavy infantry  like Termies.

You guys know what I'm talking about.. When you read so much about a race that you can't stop thinking of it. Yeah you know the feeling...
So I went online aaaaaand......

Picked up this... 
3 Strike squads
5 Paladins
And a failcast Lord Kaldor Draigo with some bubbles, but not too serious. I removed the arm so It don't break off then I'll paint this guy, I also removed the shield now. 

The dude had no idea what he put in the squads. I called my Gk-friend and "stole" his Gk-bits.
I took two strike squads and the paladins with Halberds (That looked much better!), if I hade more I think I would go for the 3rd squad.
I'm gonna pick up some black spray tomorrow and start prime the models.

It will soon be a 1000pts tournament at the game club. 
I'm thinking of using Space Marines or Imperial Guard, i'm not sure. the future will tell. 
After the tournament I'll but up the army list, basic tactics, some pictures and how I did.


onsdag 10 april 2013

Work of the day

This is my Bike Sergeant for my full bike squad.
I put a magnet in his arm joint if I would like to have a Power sword or a Combi weapon instead. 

I was pretty happy how the stubble turned out! As you can see it's a Dark Vengeance bike. I just trimmed down the ugly Dark Angels iconography
then removed the click'n play torso and replaced it with a ordinary torso.
Unfortunately I got no good picture of his head..

Well here is some pictures anyway! Enjoy
 Painted the wingthings with bronze but it took so much attention so I repainted it black.

So here is the arm that you can simply just pull of anytime.

Opps, missed the skull with Tin ;)

The head is from the Cadian Command sprue.

That was that! Now some good sleep!

Conversion on it's way!

To be continued..... ;)


tisdag 9 april 2013

Adding a small terrain piece

Here is the result guys!

I spray painted it  Skull White.
Used watered down Mourfang Brown as a base for the soil.
Bestial Brown (watered down) for the ruin.
Then it was dry, I did the same process without water.

I drybrushed the ruin with Tausept Ochre then drybrushed the soil with Snakebite Leather.

I heavily watered down a mix of Abbadon Black and little dot of Khemri Brown. I washed the whole thing. 
Went over with the drybrush again with the same above. When everything was dry I took Bleached Bone and highlighted the soil and the ruin, then used Longbeard Grey on the edges just to make it a little more sharp.
And finished of with some metal bits and grass with my own mix. (from GW and an old train company thingy I bought from work a long time ago.)

I green stuffed a triscale(spellcheck on that plz?) with a wire support, then it's dry I will paint it like a vine so it look's like the plant has climbed. 

Mr Skeleton will be put down at the debris :)


Adding some small terrain!

I was waiting on my bike's wash to dry. I took an old CD and basically glued on a ruin part, put on some plastic card and sanded it with some IKEA-sand to flowerpots.

Couldn't resist to have a dead guy on the base! ;)
This piece will fit perfect with my jungle-ruin for the Assault on Bal'cel! 
I will put up the result later!

måndag 8 april 2013

Brother Argos, Master of the Forge

So, I decided to paint up Master of the Forge mounted on bike with a conversion beamer.
I have no idea what the model is made of. I got it of my friend ThunderfireMac @ dakkadakka.com.
Check him out if you want btw, he's a sick painter! 

Here is some pics of Argos, can't find his "real" head in the bitzbox. I'll think that it will be replaced  over time. 

I decided to give the conversion beamer a glow of a redish color than the regular blue plasma glow Ilike.
Some OSL going on there too.  

That's it! 

söndag 7 april 2013

Inactive Sunday.. Huummff...

Sup guys!
Today I ended up with no 40k game at the club. reallyreallyreallyreally tired! *__*

A friend's miniature at the gaming club. His nork guy, I saw this little guy in his bit box and decided to put him on nork. I must say, it's fitting quite nicely! 

Then I got home it ended up with watching  Fahrenheit 9/11, Directed by Michael Moore. 
I must say it was a pretty heavy documentary.

Right now I'm watching some reviews on the Vampire Counts Units. I like the look of the zombie horde running down the hill, backed up by Blood knights and Varghulfs flying around and chopping down cannons and all the cool stuff! Let's see what the future says about 120 zombies to begin with..

Tomorrow I will paint up some Tactical marines and work on my bike project, like mag 'em up and convert a attack bike. To be honest, Gw's model looks kind of goofy, year 40,000 and a bikes can't drive around with a multi melta, BUT dev can run around with it.

Well that was all. Good Night!

torsdag 4 april 2013

Whirlwind multiple crayon launcher!


I have a question, this is mostly for the lols but anyway. Would you accept this as an whirlwind multiple missile launcher?? 

Haha! It's looks like a package for crayons!
Well you see what it is, I don't even need to tell you. Honestly, I don't want to spend 23£ just to get the missile launcher.
I'm thinking of paining it up and go on a tournament with it and say like: Yeah! can't you see? its a Whirlwind !

Well, here is some different angles for it. Have a great day!

The Result of the cleaning

It's Thursday and i'm pretty tired, I should start do something!
So! This is the result of yesterday's test. I'm happy with it. We will see when I'm starting to paint it.


onsdag 3 april 2013

The assault on what?

 The Assault on Bal’cel IV

The Space Marine chapter known as the Doom Legion has secretly started an invasion on the Bal’cel system. Bal’cel IV’s grassy environment is a great start for this.

The Bal’cel system has an owner since many millennia ago- the eldar force of Alaitoc.

Autarch Fri’el and Warlock Ipie needs to put up a small force and repel the invaders. Can Fri’el success? Or will they become lambs to slaughter?

This was our small demo to an event in the same building were our game club is. It was fun to write a story behind each unit and some special rules, like putting in a warlock as a IC with several wounds and  cool stuff..
I'm slowly working on this demo, to put in other models, different missions and stuff.


Cleaning old models

So, today an old problem came up to me. My test subject for weathering effects. The Land Raider was laying so nicely on a shelf. So I decided to give her a new paint job!

 I went down to a hardware store and bought this cleaner, T-röd in Swedish (or a variant of it, said the clerk at the store).

I have zero knowledge in these things so let's see how it ends!

Let's hope its not completely destroyed later! 

tisdag 2 april 2013

Autarch convsion

Autarch Fri'el

This model is converted from the leged/ robed part of a Warlock, a guardian body.The sword arm are form the old Shinning spear kit. The other hand is from Weapon platform guardian.

The head I simply took a guardian head and put two "vains" at the sides, cut off some stuff and greenstuffed a flat surface, at the end I was not happy with the head but I think it's OK.

Then I painted him to look like an Autarch.
So the history behind this guy, before he got the job as an Autarch he was a spiritseer.
So Fri'el the spiritseer is blind and sees the world as a wraith, like a small ninja wraithguard! Hehe
The only downside now at a 4th ed codex I NEED two Farseers at my standard 1500-1750pts, just to let the jetbikes survive. So I can't play with him so often, yeah I could proxy him as a warlock or a Farseer, but Fri'el is not a Farseer for me! He is my ninja-wraith-dude!

So I really hope the new codex comes out soon so I can use Autarchs again!


Work for the day

Orks orks Orks orks Orks orks Orks orks Orks orks.....
Hi guys!
Painted up my old Black reach Nobs + Warboss. I painted them as DeffSkullz!
I shouldn't use flash when I took the picture but the models turned out just fine. I wanted the look of the blue like they just painted themselves for war. 
Just noticed i missed some shoes on them but that is finished now.. 

Let's get some models painted this Easterweek now!