tisdag 14 april 2015

Angels of Penance UPDATE PICTURES

After a few days work in with all the models primed and ready to go I quickly started on the Termainators and the Librarian.
The colour scheme I was heading for in my mind was something in line of:  "brass with some details and some paint to make them stand out from the other"  and well it worked in my opinion.

After painting the second one I... noticed ONE little detail. It's the same freaking colour of the Minotaurs chapter! I got so sad over this mistake and I didn't want to sit down and start over again.

Then, the Angels of Penance was born! From the fire and plotting in my brain. The Angels of Penance endless quest to defeat the Alpha Legion after a long period (you can read it if the post before).
Clean up your house before cleaning in your front yard! Right??? epic quote right there i'm feeling it.

Here is some pictures of the models I have finished, little bit of touch- ups before the Convention.

This will be my Dark Angel squad for a Kill Team. I got Deathwing and Tacticals. what more can you ask for?
I will leave this for now and update the rest when it's done.

Stay healthy, stay awesome
Yours truly, Fillee

måndag 13 april 2015

Warhammer 40.000 Campaign Kill team: THE SOURCE


If you have missed out part one you can find it here.


After finding enough clues Sergeant Nathan Galler listed out where the facility lied. When arriving they met heavy resistance of the PDF that had entrenched themselves in a bunker position.

-We are the Seigebreakers. We are the iron itself! Shouted Galler and ran towards the trench system. The lasguns blazed but the power armour just shrug off the shots. He jumped right down in the trench and shot one guardsman in the chest with his bolt pistol and PDF solider fell back and died before he reached the ground. 
Another guardsman charged him and he draw his chainsaw and cut of one of his legs in taunt. The fallen defender with one leg bleed to death as Galler went up to him. He tried to ask where the artillery was but before he had finish the sentence one big pound echoed to flat surface around the bunker. Galler knew that sound and took cover as fast as he could.

The earthshaker round exploded when it reached the ground in a big boom and Galler heard screams. Anthonas Carrman shouted to him in the vox.
-We have to move fast to destroy that cannon! Yelled Galler to Carrman

-I saw where it fired from, let me see what we can do about it sir, said Carrman

onsdag 8 april 2015

The Angels of Penance

This text is written in word and I cant get rid of the marking (the black backround)
This is the fluff to the new Demo for LinCon 2015. Hope this is anything that interests you guys!

The Angels of Penance are a Dark Angels successor chapter created in the cursed founding. Angels of Penance are among the zelous Space Marines in existence. They go through rigid psychotherepy regularly and upon induction to make sure they remain pure. With their minds hardened so against the predations of Chaos, heresy is almost unheard of in the Brass Angel ranks. Only a few documented cases of heresy have occured, and were swiftly eliminated. The purpose is to hunt down the traitors who are hidden inside the Imperium itself, the Alpha Legion.

They are also one of the toughest chapters physically, for they are taking their recruits from the the harsh world of Helab Prime. of Helab Prime is a snow and ash planet, frozen on the surface, yet dotted with dormant volcanoes. Sometimes the volcanoes will wake, causing large ice melts and ash clouds. The villages that survive on Helab Prime must keep on the move, in search of prey and new camping spots. Also, it is from the hardened villagers that the The Angels of Penance induct. 

Every year or when the Chapter takes a loss of more than 25 %, the commanders of chapter have the villagers gather their finest and submit them to the Space Marines. Any who are accepted to become a space marine must take the final test to leave their planet. They must kill one of the fellow tribe members who was not worthy enough. It could be your best friend or even your brother. The recruits who refused will be  gunned down on the spot, seen as an insult to the The Angels of Penance  honor.
Those that survive the initial scouring will then have to face the three challenges. They must complete this while survive alone for a month on the snowy ash wastes of the planet. The 30th day a Storm Raven Gunship will land in a landing zone and wait.If the Recruit has not been seen after 1 hour the Storm Raven leaves so the recruits who have survived they also must be on time.

If the recruits can survive these challenges, they will have the gene-seed implanted and be deemed as Neophytes. The Neophytes will then be given the rank of scout, and advance in front of ground forces, into the most dangerous of situations. If they can survive this, the Chaplain will decide when they are ready to receive the full rank of a Battle Brother. If a Space Marine shows particular honor or ability on the battlefield, he may even be asked to join the Inner Cirle.
In order to absolve themselves of the Legion's ancient sin, the Unforgiven have the self-appointed task of hunting down and capturing all of the Marines who turned to Chaos at the downfall "the Fallen" and making them repent in some way. They will execute this task to the letter, often abandoning campaigns and battles at vital junctions to follow a lead. Some question the loyalty of the Dark Angels and their successors chapters for this reason and that they give this special agenda greater importance than the orders of the Emperor himself. Even when fighting with allies the The Angels of Penance keep their own company, lest someone learn something of their shameful history by mistake and let their greatest secret escape.
Each Unforgiven chapter closely follows the Dark Angels organization; each has its Inner Circle, and each has formations similar to the Dark Angels' Deathwing and Ravenwing companies. All of the Unforgiven chapters coordinate their actions in regard to their secret mission, and it is not unknown for the Supreme Grand Masters of the respective chapters to hold summit meetings within the Rock.

The Angels of Penance have a strict code of honor, called the Mador, in honor of their first Chapter Master, Mador Colac. The code revolves around principles designed to make the Chapter's warriors very closed minded and violent, as they feel must be in these dark times. The Angels of Penance do not question heresy, they eliminate it. The slightest sign of heresy, a whisper of doubt and any pace marine has the authority to kill a Battle Brother or civilian on sight for this. Usually this sparks great infighting, wherein a challenge is issued. In the great hall of the Chapter, there is a challenge arena just for this purpose. In the challenge arena, two Battle Brothers will strip to a loincloth and grapple until one has conceded or been slain. However, the losing Brother will usually be killed by the Chaplains anyways, for showing signs of weakness. 

It is in these tribal practices and petty killings that the Inquisition is concerned, for while they are willing to throw away psykers to feed the Emperor, or Guardsmen to fight the wars, a Space Marine is something else. If the Angels do not stop contesting their petty honor soon, a full scale Inquisitorial investigation may be launched. Besides this, the Brass Angels have never really gotten along with the Inquisition or Imperium officials and have almost started Heresy because of it. 

The fires of Heresy were almost sparked when the Angels of Penance allied with Grey Knights to fight off a full scale Daemonic incursion in the Regulus Sector. After weeks of battling across planets fighting off Slannesh's daemonic forces that the Alpha Legion had summoned, the enemy was purged and driven back into the warp portal from whence they spawned. The damage to some of the planets was too great, however, the root of warp taint was too deep. So rather than take chances, the Grey Knights ordered Exterminatus on four of the planets. After the battle was over, the Grey Knights asked for the Angels of Penance to submit to mindwipe. When the Angels did not go willingly, a small war escalated within the system. 

Due to an irregular Gene-seed flaw, the current Penance Chapter Master, Getoon Magoth, was very tyrannical and paranoid. He had achieved his place in the chapter only by rite of challenge. In his nature, Magoth thought the Grey Knights would alter the Angels memories, or kill them once they were sedated. So he ordered his Chapter to defend themselves, and defend they did. For almost a month they held off a large fortress on the planet 39974.5 slaughtering a few Grey Knights. Magoth was executed for Heresy and renegade, and the current Chapter Master, Maldus Vex, succeeded him. The Grey Knights did gave the Chapter an ultimatum: to Crusade forever in the Emperor's name to atone for their heresy, or die. The Angels of Penance, never letting go of their honor, chose to Crusade. Even today, they march across the stars in Holy retribution, hoping to regain their honor and take their place alongside the Emperor, justified by sacrificing their lives.