måndag 26 januari 2015

Grey Knights Army Picture Dump

I wanted to share my small Grey Knight army.
Paladins of Forac
They are faaaaar away from done but I often tend to paint one model then wait like three months then paint the next one, so it takes a bit of time.
Maybe I'll get a kick to finish it little bit faster but only the future will know.
Have a great day!

Centurion Devastator Squad

I wanted  to test out the centurions  but not to buy the models yet. So I took three terminators  and convert them up.
Well how make  grav cannons  without having  to make up a whole new weapon system  with part that I have.
So I sat with the bitzbox  for twenty minutes and came up with a brilliant idea!
I have a lot of assault cannons laying  around  so I toyed  around with the idea and this is what I came up with!
You like this? Hate it? Or just think I'm a cheap basted? 

Have a great day guys!

söndag 25 januari 2015

Thoughts Psykers: Part two

Today it was a special day.
Me and my cousin played a FULL Psyker list, we talked a lot after the first part of the psyker-post so we decided to do an ALL Psyker list and guess what, Eldrad of course!

So both list was pretty simlar, Eldrad and Farseers on bikes as much I could get and him taking Sorcerers and Ahriman.

So the whole point of the game was: How much can you summon until end of turn 5.
No objectives or something, just straight up kill main burn.
We both summoned a lot of Demons but took double as much Perils of the warp! Hilarious!
Ghosthelm is a real hero! with 34 warp dice on the first turn it was ok to discard a few.

We had a LOT of proxy going on (sorry ) but as I say we often proxy a unit before go out to the store and buy it couse maybe it's not our playstyle you know.
Well the Demons poured on the table along with Heralds and heroes from both Chaos Space Marines and Eldar were Sacrificing themselves for the greater power their bodies couldn't handle. Awesome! So much Carnage.

I remember to take a few pictures before the battle was on.

Have a great day!

How to paint tanktreads that's already glued on.

For about  two  weeks  ago I stumbled across  a BIG (or lazy) problem.
You guys know I'm all up for simplicity.
So when you bought  a tank, let's say a land raider on ebay you have 1 problem. Paint the tank and the treads  time efficient. Because  it sucks when you have to go back and paint it a few times  because you're  a lazy fuck  like me.
So here's  the problem  and MY  solution! !
Let the epic  pictures  tell the story! 
Have a great  day!
/ Fillee40k

torsdag 22 januari 2015

New Years Resolution 2014 Army

I represent to you guys the full "Blood-Templar" army!

So this is the army right now!
You can see on the picture whats done and not by looking at the creamy colour of the armor.
What I got here is:

Chaplain with plasma pistol (can also be Lemartes)
Chaplain with Jump pack
Captain with Artificer Armor, Jump pack, Lighting Claws and Melta Bombs
Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armor with Power Axe (too bad we can't have it anymore!)
Librarian with Force Staff


Command squad with Sanguinary Novitiate and Champion
Five man Death Company with 1 Power Sword
Five man Death Company with 1 Power Sword

Five man Terminator Assault Squad with Lighting Claws
Five man Terminator Assault Squad with Thunder hammers and Storm shield

Death Company Dreadnought Xeed, can be equipped with Assault cannon, Lascannon or extra close combat arm (that one I made with dread knight hammer)

Five man Tactical Squad with Meltagun and Combi Melta on the sargant. Acompanied with a Razorback with twin-linked Assault cannon

Five man Tactical Squad with Meltagun and Combi Melta on the sargant. Acompanied with a Razorback with twin-linked Assault cannon

Five man Tactical Squad with Meltagun and Combi Melta on the sargant. Acompanied with a Razorback with twin-linked Assault cannon

Six man Scouts with close combat weapons

Fast Attack:

Ten man Assault Squad with Veteran Sargant with Power Axe and Combat Shield and two Meltaguns

Eight man Assault Squad with Veteran Sargant with Lighting Claws

Heavy Support:

Land Raider Godhammer
Land Raider Godhammer
Land Raider Godhammer
Devastator Squad with four Heavy Bolters

3166 points of Pure Red Death (pun intended(they are painted in Pure Red Color from Army Painter))

What do you guys think?
Shall I add something? I have five Death Company that I shall finish up, they have not been sprayed yet. I know I know, I will get some Special Characters but can't decide who to start with, I would go for Mephiston because I play tested him and he is a beast BUT THE MODEL IS SO FUCKING OLD AND UGLY!

Cheers guys hope you enjoyed my Army and I shall report back to you when I have finish some units!

Have a great day!

onsdag 21 januari 2015

The New Years Resolution 2014

So last year about this time I announced my new years resolution with just a small picture of a guys with a Heavy Bolter. That was the first model to be painted for my resolution which I can present to you now!
My goal was to paint 1000 pts worth of Space Marines in a colour (as base) that I have not used for a lot of time. Red!
I made my own Chapter called Blood Templars somethingsomething in the furture, the name if unsure but the combat doctrine and iconagraphy have both a blood tear and the crusader mark.
I have been putting up some pictures of it but god my lord I said to my self 1000 pts of "anti Xeno" because they are suppose to be Xeno hunters right? So lot of AP 4 medium strength and a lot of shots and close combat, with assault element and armour.
I began used the Black Templars but more and more I in-bedded the Blood angels in the lore most with the connections to Librarians which they sworn an oath to slay but stuff happens and the ][ needs to put an end to this.

Then to blood Angels codex came out and wow I'm glad I converted!
So much more options with units and HQ like Priest or Librarians instead just have to roll up the chaplains.

I'll dump some pictures and I put up a picture on the army and I'll let you guys count how much it went up to.

Have a great day!

Marine Dilemma

So this evening I've used all my time to watch infinite and infinite pictures of brass and silver painted space marines, partly because I miss my Doom Legion but my old chapter had such poor Lore, at the beginning it was fun to write my own stuff but after a while it got unsatisfactory of it and started to read books.
I got in to Horus Heresy and the Salamanders books from 2009 and 2011 and I was hooked! The fluff , the look of the army, the colour, the feel of it, I fell in love with the army and the organisation of it. I will not turn this to an Salamander text but you get what I mean.
by the way, I haven't put out much pictures of it lately (or much time spending painting) which I have to do soon.

Well, I read a ton about the Minotaurs and I don't like the feel the army acted before the Highlords leached them but after that quite much, I don't want a 4 space marine chapter (including Grey Knights) but I want just paint and play something different. Maybe something with HH which I have been reading and listen to the last weeks? The guys from The black library have made a great job with them so it's hard to not go out online and spend every Swedish crown on Forgeworld stuff and eat Noodels rest of the year. But Sons of Horus and Emperors Children is really hard to resist both in colours of the armour and the look and feel to the army, actually when I made one of my two psykers to the Conversion Contest 2013 I used the painting guide for Sons of Horus.

Disclamer here:

I have around 35 space marines in parts schatted across my room so I will not go out and buy stuff just for this (yet) I'm happy with I can do some tweaks.
If we say I decide for a chapter I will go for Space Wolves Codex or Chaos for the customization with Bolters and Chainsaws, a basic 500 pts with minimum troops and go for the more specialized Elites.

I'll dump some pictures and you can tell me what's good to get in to.
Maybe the red

After two layers of Warplock and a little highlight with Weapon Bronze from Army painter I'll say its the best looking of the three.

I wanted to try something else and not red, I'll say purple here?

I tested the Weapon Bronze first and hmmm... maybe after wash and everything, not quite happy with the layer.

I was wondering about Iron Warriors or Astral Claws for 10 minutes with no result.

tisdag 20 januari 2015

Kill Team

Few days ago Allee (cousin) and I finally started our Kill Team Campaign with the heralds of ruin kill team rules, great expansion! I love it!
It goes really fast if you're just play two players because we can push in maybe three or four games on a evening! (Take that standard 40k!)

If you are interested you test it out by yourself or if you live near Vimmerby (Sweden) would like to join our group playing go ahead and make you own kill team! Here is the link to most played gaming system this year (so far) with 8 games in total already and counting.


They are running a great blog!
Thank guys for sharing all the goodness to let the community grown, in fact Kill team is the easiest an cheapest way to recruit new players to this awesome hobby!

Until next time have a great week!

Update and thoughts: Psykers

Last weeks I've played a lot of games.
We had a several 1850 pts 'basement games ' as i started to call them, the basement games is pretty much me and my cousin playing and testing out lists and units we want to play that we are 100 % sure to buy or to not, it depends how they preform on the table, so sometimes more than wysiwyg proxy, maybe even models, most models on my cousins side.
I continued to play that 3 raider list with death company list, I really like the play style of it.
I used my WraithWall and Imprial gu... I mean Astra Militarum.

Astra Militarum game was really exiting, a lot of tanks blew up and demolisher canonns tha missed each other all that kind of craziness!

I have starting to see a trend here with psykers and psychic phase that either you're in or you're out, I mean of course that you either go with double libbys both jacked up with ML2, double farseers rocking all the powers you like backed up by Warlocks or like my cousin used the last games for counter, 2 sorcerers and a allied black legion sorcerer with ML3 all they way, pricy! but effective against like the Wraithwall that needs it psychic powers to go off to the army will crumble down very fast with the right weapons.
You play as I did with my Astra Militarum list: No psyker at all, you say Fillee uhm use Primaris psyker you can take 3 in a slot and bla bla .... NO, first of all that's not the Guard way! even its effective I wouldn't be that asshole  in casual games, that's not even funny and second, if i would play Primaris psykers I would see more powers shut down than up due to 3 sorcerers list for example.

As I was writing this I checked up BoLS article from September 22 2013 to see the ranking of the most powerful psykers in the game right now.

Eldrad Ulthuan
Kairos Fateweaver

If you want to read the article by yourself you got it right here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/09/40k-best-psyker-is.html

So guys how do you play your psykers or how do you deal with them?
What you you think of the top psykers?

Until next time!