onsdag 21 januari 2015

Marine Dilemma

So this evening I've used all my time to watch infinite and infinite pictures of brass and silver painted space marines, partly because I miss my Doom Legion but my old chapter had such poor Lore, at the beginning it was fun to write my own stuff but after a while it got unsatisfactory of it and started to read books.
I got in to Horus Heresy and the Salamanders books from 2009 and 2011 and I was hooked! The fluff , the look of the army, the colour, the feel of it, I fell in love with the army and the organisation of it. I will not turn this to an Salamander text but you get what I mean.
by the way, I haven't put out much pictures of it lately (or much time spending painting) which I have to do soon.

Well, I read a ton about the Minotaurs and I don't like the feel the army acted before the Highlords leached them but after that quite much, I don't want a 4 space marine chapter (including Grey Knights) but I want just paint and play something different. Maybe something with HH which I have been reading and listen to the last weeks? The guys from The black library have made a great job with them so it's hard to not go out online and spend every Swedish crown on Forgeworld stuff and eat Noodels rest of the year. But Sons of Horus and Emperors Children is really hard to resist both in colours of the armour and the look and feel to the army, actually when I made one of my two psykers to the Conversion Contest 2013 I used the painting guide for Sons of Horus.

Disclamer here:

I have around 35 space marines in parts schatted across my room so I will not go out and buy stuff just for this (yet) I'm happy with I can do some tweaks.
If we say I decide for a chapter I will go for Space Wolves Codex or Chaos for the customization with Bolters and Chainsaws, a basic 500 pts with minimum troops and go for the more specialized Elites.

I'll dump some pictures and you can tell me what's good to get in to.
Maybe the red

After two layers of Warplock and a little highlight with Weapon Bronze from Army painter I'll say its the best looking of the three.

I wanted to try something else and not red, I'll say purple here?

I tested the Weapon Bronze first and hmmm... maybe after wash and everything, not quite happy with the layer.

I was wondering about Iron Warriors or Astral Claws for 10 minutes with no result.

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