söndag 4 januari 2015

Thoughts on Predator Destructor

So today  we had a discussion  on the Facebook  page about  the Predator battle  tank.
I'm all about  even out the odds, have much  more dice  than my opponent  can handle, when it's about shot and especially armour saves.
Awesome  in games of 1500  or less when you try to ram in as much fire  power  as possible.
When playing  space marines  you need that volume  of dice on your side  and for 100  PTS it's damn cheap. Some of you thinking  but why not the thunderfire  then? It's a tough decision.
I love tanks and to load a hail  of fire at even Space marines, even they will fall. That's why you bring them in pairs.
Don't forget to mention it has AV 13!
That  1 extra  point  of Armour  will make every  player think  twice. "Well I might glance or not" And often  I even got them ignored.
6 S5 , 2 S7  and a mounted stormbolter, that's a nice little Gunboat.
Try always  have them at the flanks  to get the most out from  them. And try to always be in range with the Heavy Bolters  so the shots don't get wasted.
What are your configuration or tips?
Or do you use thunderfire cannon?
Sell me the idea  of it!
Have great  Sunday guys! 

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  1. This tactica Will maybe be of help for you :) http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Space_Marines

    predator destructors are mediocre.

    1. Cool bro but ill do my own race :)