lördag 21 november 2015

Betrayal at Calth 30k Sons of Horus ALL HAIL THE WARMASTER! WIP

I pre-ordered the Calth box when it came out and I've been busy lets say. My cousin and I split the box, He took the Ultramarine side and I took the other. THIS BOX IS INCREDIBLE!  I MEAN INCREDIBLE! Sooo good looking models.  Picture dump! Enjoy them like I did.
I took the picture with my phone camera so the light doesn't justify the models, we will ceartain see more of them soon with better pictures. Lets with until some more money drop in and we will buy another set the complete a 1000pts list to add for our upcoming campaign. Keep and eye out, The eye of Horus.

With FW close combat set laying around I used some parts to make a Praetor and this will be one of the Captains for the Sons of Horus Legion.

A contemptor foot from a dead Salamander showing off there too...

First try to make heated metal. 

'Aint got no time to waith on decal, freehand the shit out it! 

This.... again....

Tutorial: Basing with Citadel Technical paint Martian Ironearth

I had in a few mails asking how I made my bases so I decided to make a cute little tutorial on it!
For my new project I wanted to have I new set of bases and i recently bought Martian Ironearth so, why not test it? Shall we?

First off, use a colour that you don't normally use or have an extra bottle of.
This colour should also be as close to the red Ironearth we will use just after it dries.
I used Bugman'ss Glow, it's ugly, I don't use it so often and a accidentally  ordered two of them so I have some extra spare. 

Smear it on, dab it, spash or whatever have you.
A medium layer of thickness should be covered on a few places.
Leave it for ca an hour to dry.. 

After it's dried, it should look something like this.

I barely soaked up some wash of the brush using any kind of red-ish(tone) wash, I used Sepia. 

After that was dried I drybrushed it with Citadel compound Kindleflame

Good luck to you all!

Iron Warriors reinforcements! $$$

Here is a few pictures of the reinforcements the IV Legio will receive as soon as it's done!
I bought the Iron Warrior contemptor dreadnought with  kheres assault cannons.
ten more guys, IV Legio shoulder pads. A second Rapier laser destroyer. The Techmarine and the first thing you see on the picture, the tank i have been dreaming about to own. The Sacaran Battle tank! 

Update Imperial Knight soon DONE!

Here is the update of my new Imperial Knight

I really don't need to write a lot of stuff here on this post. My picture will show itself. My techniques are layering of grey colours and blue up to sotek green and then temple guard blue as highlight. 
i now have bought all the citadel technical paint, Nurgle's rot, Ninilakh oxide, Typhus Corrosion and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! BALWLALA... 
Exited to use them to this awesome big project I applied them in a few places and where corrosion could have happen. It turned out extremely good and I'm happy he is done standing.  The only thing I got left is the helmets but if you remember I magnetized his head under the neck shield, so the helmets will come in smooth when it's time to fix it. 

I'm so sickly happy with the base! I used the scenery diorama from Abbadon vs Loken box (finally found a use for it)  

Stands tall and proud. For the Emperor and the Warmaster!

söndag 25 oktober 2015

Zipper face

For Hallowneen we tried something that has been very popular here in Sweden and that is the "Zipper face" from FunWorld. It waseasy to use and really easy to remove and wash off. I recommend to just stand in the shower for 20 minutes rather than bend over the sink like my girlfriend did. 
It was really cool to see when the latex and make-up was dry and the structure could be spotted. 

Now this looks really fucked up!