lördag 30 mars 2013


Tested out OSL, turned out great!

Plasma in 6th ed. Pack every dude with plasma.
I have tried out 4 plasma in a Devsquad, 10 strong, if I need I can combat squad. I have tested it only in 'Big guns never tire' just for that scoring unit.
Don't forget the plas-tacs for only 15-25 pts extra!

So in that 1500pts game a had 6 plasma cannons in three turns until they started to die. The best points I ever spent in a game, my Devs ripped apart Chaos Marines more brutal than my Wraith cannons!
I was like dude, i'm sorry, but the plasmas needs to feed! hehe
Well, i didn't even know what to post but i wanted to post something on Easter!
I hope I can get a few extra games now then I have spring break.

Well have a great Easter.


torsdag 28 mars 2013

Command Squad?

XIs own Purifiers Command squad

No, no one can know the truth, the secret. Not even our Battle brothers. Only the Emperor knew. We shall forever remain unknown until our beloved Emperor will tell. IF a none Doom Legion would get the knowledge, the Purifiers will hunt down the traitors.

Well, that was a little speech from my Captain of my own Chapter Doom Legion.  Now to the business.  My "Power Armour breaking squad " is fully painted :)

Should I pack them with a Land Raider Crusader? or a Redeemer? 
Tactic wise, these will roll up turn 2 or 3 to attack whats left of the power armored guys after I used Plasma fire to eat up some of them, with a second land raider with 5 assault termies  with a chaplain or Cassius, depends on the points.

Now, lets have a great evening and enjoy the Easter holidays!


tisdag 19 mars 2013


Random chosen pic, mmhmhm.. Plasma... ;)

So, last Sunday (17) I played a 2k pts game with a guy at the game club.
First thing to say.. Haven’t played a "bigger" game in a while, second I had a really bad hangover..

SM vs BA it was going pretty good until 5th turn then i couldn't take of the last wound of  Mac Piss off (Mephiston) he had the trait Immobile objective thingy... that one that makes your HQ scoring, and we had Big Guns Never Tire, so both my Land Raiders were scoring. I parked 2" wrong with one of my Land raider, so I was pretty angry to loose over a stupid misplace... meh...