fredag 6 januari 2017

How to base with Agrellan Earth

I've using Agrellan Earth to rebase all my Blood Angels now in the week and it's going pretty well. 

I was thinking if someone is interesting how I do my basing with the technical paints  This is how I do, I think there is lot of people who can do it mush better than me but this is how I do it the simple way.

I begin to paint all the bases with Steel Legion Drab which is a nice colour that cover the whole base with a nice brown. Then after it is dried I start to rock on with the Agerllan Earth, you can put on a much as you want, I like to vary mine with some with heavy paint and some of them with less.
I wash the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade

After the wash is completely dried I do a light dry brush with Zandri Dust to make some of the eadges pop little better,
After that I'm ready to put on the models again, sometimes i'll scrape some of the paint off to make it easy to glue on just where the feet should be.

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