söndag 8 januari 2017

Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi of the Minotaurs PAINTED

These two guys is what I've been painting the last days,

At one point for two years ago I almost bought a pile of marines and the plan for them was to start a small force with The Minotaurs. I have a demo ( the Dark Vengeance box) that I use to show people on events and convents both what is 40k and how you can play it, so I had three missions that was inspired of the missions in the  DV book but a lot simplified to make it flow very nice and more brake it up so people understand that the marines on bikes is a hell to remove. you can play it up to four people if you come in as a group, two on each side and you have to make the decisions nad some times to get punished for that. A hell of fun!

Instead of the boring ugly Dark Angels I painted them up as Minotaurs and the chaos as Alpha Legion, most so my cousin can use them then I don't.

The Minotaurs came out very nice and the are located somewhere in the blog with pictures if you want to check them out.

In 2016 I was sitting and ordering stuff for my Iron Warriors and these two guys just tagged along home form Forge World to Sweden.
I've just cleaned all of my hoby boxes and I founded Moloc and Enkomi.

It took a while then I was done it the base color I saw that the guy (Enkomi ) had a skull face and i noticed it was a Chaplain (silly me) so I went back with black and just painted his helmet black.
They were two very fun miniatures paint becouse they have all kind of stuff on them like icons, leaves, disks and icons.

The spear what I understand is a black spear from Terra and I didn't want to have it like a normal power weapon (it's AP 2)
I painted it black and wet blended it with  a mix of Sotek Green and Abbadon Black and when it was dry a washed it with Nuln Oil and after that was dried I put on a thin coat if Gloss Varnish so it has this shine on it, hope you find the pics interesting.
Have a good day!

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