torsdag 28 maj 2015

Banshee / Incubi Conversion WIP

So this little project I'm working on with Both Eldar and Dark Eldar Units needs some close combat compatibly too.
What I'm working on now is in fact "Dark Banshees " (count as Incubi )
So instead of go out and buy a new box in failcast ? I can use the models I already have in fail cast! Woh!
To be continued!
Oh I forgot to congratulate my Australian readers last week. 5th place in their first time in Eurovision song contest!
Til' next time!
It's both a blessing with the failcast. It's easy to manipulate, cut, repose and stuff like that and the details is awesome but it can't weight up the curse being too easy to break when shit hits the fan and the biggest issue I have- warping. so horrible. 
I had an extra Executioner laying around to make it easy for me to make them hold the double Klavies. Drilled them to make place.
I cut the arm off and pinned it with a small wire to make it hold stronger.
This is what they will look like when the weapons are done.
After putting them in boilng water and some greenstuff I reposed them to fit with the new weapons.

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