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Battle Report LinCon 2015 #1

Under LinCon 2015 we played many games, most 40k from my part. My cousin joined us one day and we entered a room with a few tables with small tables. We decided to play a 500 pts game. His new Raven Guard against my Eldar.

In a 500 pts army its three ways to go in my opinion, Wraith, Bikes and guardians.

I decided to bring up one of my footslogging lists.

Farseer (with the newly painted spiritseer model)

Striking Scorpions (6)

Guadian Squad with Shuriken Cannon platform (10)

Guadian Squad with Shuriken Cannon platform (10)

Heavy Weapon Platform with D-cannon

Heavy Weapon Platform with D-cannon

And my Cousin had ( i think)


Vanguard Vets with Jump packs and Lighting Claws and chainsaws (spread out on a few numbers).

Two Five-man Scouts squads with Snipers, acted by the two tactical marines in the back.

He wanted to minimize the troop cost to use vets and shrike together.

He later discovered that shrike is best used in 1500pts or 1850. He is a massive point sink in a small game but anyways.

We rolled up kill points and deployed.
Reading the rules for Shrike and noticed the special rules, priceless face.

Deployment setup, I tried to cover both quarters of my table. 

The battery pieces was put is ruins for a good cover save of 4+.  

And to gain elevation.

I infiltrated the scorpions right behind/under the bridge. he couldn't even see the heads of them, thank lord.

When he Infiltrated his scouts in the ruins and exactly 25" from the D-cannon I knew I was in trouble.

The First Turn was mine but it didn't matter, the ruins blocked too much and I rolled some bad dice and he made every cover save I could give that boy.
The snipers shot and got FIIIIIRST BLOOOOOOD.

He pounced on the Scorpions and killed them off with shrikes massive attacks.

Now was my time.
Psychic phaseI rolled up Forewarning, two dice both success. 
Prescience- 3 Three dice, one made it, #DENIED BITCH. damn 
-Okey I got 2 left. Well I got Death mission too. here goes nothing!
two passed. I'm ok.

Shooting PhaseShot the cannon, missed, god dammit. I was close to taste the victory.
Okey! send in the guardians men!! (with 4++ save) Shuriken shots everywhere.
Missed half and even more to wound. Causing two potential kills, he saves both of them.
Wow.. Up with the knives, we going in, Charge!
The marines kills one in overwatch.
Needing 8 to make it in. rolling a 6, thanks for Fleet.
Rolling again, rolling a 7... sooo close.

Raven Guard laughed and jumped in, trading 1 to 1 dead marine in the overwatch.
First Round in combat
Shrike and Farseer in a bloody battle, well did you forget my DEATH MISSION?
putting two wounds on shrike and got the same back.
Tied combat, both side suck in combat.
Second Round in combat
Rolled up death mission in the psychic phase and the 4++ save.
got DENIED on Prescience. again wtf.

Killed off shrike with him failing 2 of 4 saves. Marines did the same

Winning side with a few guardians and a wounded Farseer!

Stay toned for more Battle reports and other stuff.
Have a great day guy.
/ Fillee40k

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