torsdag 21 maj 2015

Battle Report LinCon #2

Eldar vs Chaos Space marines

My second game was against Crimson slaughter. 1200 pts (odd right?) 

My army
Wraith Guard w/ D-scythes, wave serpent  twin-linked Shuriken cannon and holo fields.
Wraith Guard w/ cannons, wave serpent  twin-linked Brightlance and holo fields. 
Vyper Squadron (3) w/ double Shuriken cannons
Wraithknight w/ Suncannon and scatterlaser

As you may see, I don't have the new codex yet. I KNOW! weird right, but right now I don't and want to spend 53 EUR on a stupid book.
So bear with me.
We got Vanguard and Purge the Alien.
I deployed in the flank in my zone because I had so much terrain on my side and I wanted to deny him that.

Round 1 turn 1
I move every tank up to draw him out in the open.
the wave serpents took some pot-shots here and there.
And the brightlance one tried on the land raider with no luck.
Wraith knight vaporized his chaos marine squad. 

He began to move his entire army towards me.

I'm not sure what he was trying to do but his plane bikes went up little too close.

His cultists that was suppose to be a thorn on objectives was now just board control. 

So turn two I saw my opportunity and well....

Wave serpent took a shot at the raider and it exploded, the other shot at the bikes killing two with 1 AP 2 shot and a failed armour save.
 Wraith Knight tried to shoot at the terminators and scattered just so the hellbrute got hit two. wiping out 4 termos and 1 glance on the brute.

By now I knew who would win and I just played for his sake. He wanted to play it out.

Hellturky came in and flamed knight and vypers, in result, nothing even damaged. PAH!

His left flank tried to retaliate and ran and shot on the units with NO luck. of course not the Multi-melta. 

Here is just another PUNCH THE DINOBOT IN THE FACE picture. It looks awesome when it came and tried to stomach-scratch my knight.

I simply walked more to the right hopping on one of the containers and pew pewd as much at I could, resulting with a scatter and some dudes dead.

The chosens charged in anger and ripped the serpent apart with swarming cultists.

The few dude that were left on the right flank charged in and causing one vyper to be completely destroyed and one glance. 

The Champion of the chaos marine squad charged than the hellbrute with a little bit of a tip from the audience. 

The wraith guard jumped out after the explosion. they ran back the get some distance and the second serpent unloaded the scythes vaporized  all of the cultist and the chosens.

From there he called it.
It was a great game. He did a lot of mistakes and had some flaws in his list.
I played so it would go fast so we could play more games on the table. the battle took around 30 mins to complete.

Fun game even if he was an easy prey.

So want would you do with is army to win?
What choices could he do better player?

Until next!


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