söndag 17 augusti 2014

Painting and moving

Before we moved to the new Town Västervik. It only took two days for the apartment to look awesome!  And I love it!
I was painting up these last guys. Now it's only a few devestators and a whole company has been painted!
6 tactical squads 2 devestator squad with every loadout and 2 assault(bike ) squads. There you go. now I only need some transports for all.
Västervik is a simi large town, we are living in this little (devided in to small apartments ) yellow old house.  Very cosy!
Got a new job! Check!  At a toystore, I have worked in the chain before so as I see it right now it's a upgrade!
This is the colour scheme me and my spouse came up with for our small death wing squad with a converted Baliel. Pics on them will come up later when they are done.
Later guys / fillee