lördag 21 november 2015

Tutorial: Basing with Citadel Technical paint Martian Ironearth

I had in a few mails asking how I made my bases so I decided to make a cute little tutorial on it!
For my new project I wanted to have I new set of bases and i recently bought Martian Ironearth so, why not test it? Shall we?

First off, use a colour that you don't normally use or have an extra bottle of.
This colour should also be as close to the red Ironearth we will use just after it dries.
I used Bugman'ss Glow, it's ugly, I don't use it so often and a accidentally  ordered two of them so I have some extra spare. 

Smear it on, dab it, spash or whatever have you.
A medium layer of thickness should be covered on a few places.
Leave it for ca an hour to dry.. 

After it's dried, it should look something like this.

I barely soaked up some wash of the brush using any kind of red-ish(tone) wash, I used Sepia. 

After that was dried I drybrushed it with Citadel compound Kindleflame

Good luck to you all!

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