lördag 21 november 2015

Update Imperial Knight soon DONE!

Here is the update of my new Imperial Knight

I really don't need to write a lot of stuff here on this post. My picture will show itself. My techniques are layering of grey colours and blue up to sotek green and then temple guard blue as highlight. 
i now have bought all the citadel technical paint, Nurgle's rot, Ninilakh oxide, Typhus Corrosion and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! BALWLALA... 
Exited to use them to this awesome big project I applied them in a few places and where corrosion could have happen. It turned out extremely good and I'm happy he is done standing.  The only thing I got left is the helmets but if you remember I magnetized his head under the neck shield, so the helmets will come in smooth when it's time to fix it. 

I'm so sickly happy with the base! I used the scenery diorama from Abbadon vs Loken box (finally found a use for it)  

Stands tall and proud. For the Emperor and the Warmaster!

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