onsdag 14 augusti 2013

New from the mailbox

My terminators came today. I ordered two boxes. I was really disappointed with the kit, it only had one hammer each.
My new flight stands to my jet bikes arrived as well.
Also, yesterday a delivery car came with my new kr multicase boxes came, so now all my jet bikes can fit in one case along with the vypers.
Plus a case for my stormraven.
Have a great day guys!

söndag 11 augusti 2013

Eldar thoughts

Wow a great week/weekend apart from that I was sick and had a cold early in the week.
I have now played three games with my eldar with the new codex.
Both with my jetbikes and wraithguard guard and a game with randomly selected units just for testing. The bladestorm and monofilament is freaking amazing!!!
Without fortune wraithguard units dies like flies unfortunately. Too bad you couldn't select powers with a farseer or at least with Eldlrad ! He's not worth it any more in my opinion. Too bad, I liked him alot.

Two of the games was really close. One win and one loss.
The third game was with my jet bikes with a win on turn 3. My opponent didn't have much left so he called it.

And with a big smile I'm sitting here and putting everything back to the slots and cases.
Soon off to bed! Night guys!

New from the mailbox

I bought a really cheap assault on black reach dreadnought from eBay.
I got an dilema, should I paint it up for my grey Knights or salamanders?
If I'll put him in to my grey knight list he will get two autocannons.

Or I'll wait until the new space marines codex comes out (as the rumours says, next month) and see if he will be of any use there. Maybe he can fit in a sweet list with the other dreadnoughts it will be my 5th one.
The time will tell.
Good night guys! /Fillee

onsdag 7 augusti 2013

Fire prism

I plugged in two magnets on the new fire prism I bought. I like the work Shawn from btp does on his waveserpents so will give it a try!
And now I got the opportunity to kit it out like a fire prism, falcon and a wave serpent!
If the price difference is not that big I will keep buying this kit because I got like 25 different heavy weapons.

New from the mailbox

Look what appeard in the mailbox guys!

tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Grey Knights dreadknight conversion.

I was so tired of the big.. baby carrier dreadnought thingy..
After many chops, green stuffing and magnetization this is what I came up with. The front is from the blood angel librarian dreadnought.
I will put up pictures when he is done too.
The best way I have found for the dreadknight is to equip him with the heavy incinerator and personal teleporter. Backed up with interceptors with either incinerators or psycannon and shunt forward then it's time to isolate units like heavy weapons team, Dev squads and havocs. If I got luck on the grand strategy or the mission I'll let him sit on a objective turn 5.
Like I said, more pictures will come up when I'm done! Have a great evening guys!
With the magnet inside I can arm him with anything I need, hah you saw what i did there? ;)