söndag 11 augusti 2013

Eldar thoughts

Wow a great week/weekend apart from that I was sick and had a cold early in the week.
I have now played three games with my eldar with the new codex.
Both with my jetbikes and wraithguard guard and a game with randomly selected units just for testing. The bladestorm and monofilament is freaking amazing!!!
Without fortune wraithguard units dies like flies unfortunately. Too bad you couldn't select powers with a farseer or at least with Eldlrad ! He's not worth it any more in my opinion. Too bad, I liked him alot.

Two of the games was really close. One win and one loss.
The third game was with my jet bikes with a win on turn 3. My opponent didn't have much left so he called it.

And with a big smile I'm sitting here and putting everything back to the slots and cases.
Soon off to bed! Night guys!

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