tisdag 12 maj 2015

Iron Warriors WIP

Now with #LinCon in our grasp I borrowed my sister's camera for the upcoming days. I took the liberty to test it out. Now bear in mind all of the models are work in progress and the black shoulder pads and some shit are not done yet. A few bases came out really nice with the cork and I'm very happy with the result. Some of these models will make up my Kill Team for the narrative campaign we are running.
Volkites are my new favorite gun! Both fun and easy to paint.

I will mount a Servo arm och the back pack on this model. He will be a tech marine Not sure yet what I shall arm him with.

None of the bolters are finished yet but you get the idea. 

I'm pretty happy with this dude's pose.

One of the Sargents. His standard will have it's squad marking in the badge. 

The sweet sweet mini-microwave-super-laser-death ray.

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