måndag 9 januari 2017

Fillee40k's HORUS GREEN

I have had a big problem with my Sons of Horus for a while, not the awesome models, not in fact I've got THREE tanks for Christmas that is gonna be SoH. No the problem I have was the paint, yes the paint.

My own recipe for them was almost empty so I thought to myself, well let's start mix a new one, I sat down and started to mix my color that I used.

Sotek Green and Skarsnik Green. I was sitting and tried to make the perfect color and of course the exact same one and suddenly the Sotek Green can was empty so I started to scrape more and more inside the can with no lucky result.  I gave it a good shake for 30 seconds and opened and squeezed out a drop.  Fuck, no the color looks like shit I was thinking to myself plus that I've been doing A big mess both to my table, my paint clothes plus the floor,
I was really sloppy and wasn't happy with anything. The days went and I ordered new pots of them both and I was ready to throw the old paint and just make a new old and that's great just pour 7 EUR down the drain. When to color came from GW I was sitting at the table and I was looking at the pot.
Maybe I'll give it one last try. I poured down a big blobb with Sotek Green, gave it a 30 ses pounding, open and squeezed.
Omg, it was right on the god dam spot!!!

And now I'm down to business again and I can finish both the tanks and rest of the guys.
Tho I really haven't started with the awesome Justarin terminators that I converted by my self.

Here you have some pictures to see juuuust the right color and when I was done I was on such a good mood so I restorated my Tallaran Flesh and put some other color in droppers, the big droppers comes from a Chinese brand is made for small things like shampoo and conditioners for hotels and stuff like that you know what I'm talking about. I bought them from a Swedish stor called Ålens.

Here is the old color that I made that was soon to be empty.

Guess which blobb is the new and old?  (right is the the new one)

I gave it a new sticker, new dropper!

Here is the other colors that I transferred to droppers.

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