måndag 9 januari 2017

Iron Warriors Land Raider Proteus Conversion

So here it is, the famous and ugly Land Raider mark 1, now in later edition horus heresy for being exactly is now called Land Raider Proteus.

This bad boy come equipped with two twin linked las cannons aaaand nothing more. yes thats it, the rest you need to go and buy extra parts of FW to be happy. But in all seriousness this old fellow I got here for you today is actually and OLD original back from the dead. I founded it on the Swedish equivalent to Ebay. A guy sold it for too cheap so it would be stupid of me not to buy it.

Well it had been sitting in a box almost a year after I stripped it from paint and rebuild the kit but to make use of it, because let's be honest i'll not gonna use it as that bad tank (at least rule wise) so I made some modifikations on it. as you can see I extended the hull a bit to make it a little bigger  and with some rhino doors I made an assault ramp from the guys inside.

When I bought it I saw it didn't came with the las cannons, which was a real bummer so I took some lascannons for predators and two cannons from the Storm Talon kit. After some glue and greenstuff I was done and it don't look that bad.

I've painted it up to my Iron Warriors and I'm happy with the result and for being an "ugly old tank from the 80s" I think I made a great work for this little fellow so he can be shown off and not sit in someones closet to never see the daylight again.

Here is some pictures off him.

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