söndag 8 januari 2017

New supply from Element Games GET CODE HERE!

Hello guys. Now that I have a air brush I really need to start to step upp my paint game here.
As you can see just above this text of the blog you can see a 40k icon, if you click on it you will be redirected to Element Games

I ordered a bunch of stuff like Vallejo colors, droppers, Cleaning brush set, mags and a cleaning pot.
The order went under 85 EUR so it wasn't too bad.

But I hade some problems to get it, first three things was not in their stock so I had to wait under after New year and when I got home from Vimmerby and back in Kalmar again I got this mail that 20 dropper and Game color 147 Heavy black green haven't arrived yet so I was thinking this is insane but I read the whole mail and they were sending in two batches, one with  all that was in stock and the other later.
So at least I'll not  have to pay for the second shipping.

Well that's my story from my latest supply and I need to say this was the first time I needed to wait this long to get my stuff, we have to remember that any store all around the world have been empty their stock since Christmas and every thing.

Well I was thinking that if you want to give it a try (without get the problems I have) be sure click on the link and when you are at the checkout you can enter the my code in the voucher box, You will get extra store credit, so it i bought and order of lets say 80 EUR I will get credit for 0.9 EUR when you enter MY code you will get dubble up in total of 1.8 EUR in discount. pretty sweet that's almost an extra painting pot.

Here is 1.8 EUR I give to you!

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