lördag 17 december 2016

I'm embarrassed!

Like the title  said, I'm embarrassed! It is almost  a year since  I posted anything.
Let's say I've  been too busy posting, not that I've not done any hobby, it's just that I've moved back to Kalmar, got two(!) new jobs. I'm working as a guide at Kalmar Castle  (wooho) and my second job is at a toy store. I'm of course selling GW  products as a freak that I am.
The whole summer I've been working on my Sons  of Hours army with the help of the Calth box, I've bought  The Warmaster himself  and some other beautiful Forge world kits.

My Iron Warriors  got pretty  strong, for the moment  only bought FW  models, so far no Prospero box, big Pert  is on the move to be painted soon.

But wait there is more...
I've secretly  now for a half  a year try to fix my secret project and in secret for my cousin. Even he don't even know what I'm working  on. But that army is taking form. Let's say this paint  was really  hard to pull off.  I will reveal  it soon so bear with me.

Have a good  day
/ Fillee 40k

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