lördag 30 mars 2013


Tested out OSL, turned out great!

Plasma in 6th ed. Pack every dude with plasma.
I have tried out 4 plasma in a Devsquad, 10 strong, if I need I can combat squad. I have tested it only in 'Big guns never tire' just for that scoring unit.
Don't forget the plas-tacs for only 15-25 pts extra!

So in that 1500pts game a had 6 plasma cannons in three turns until they started to die. The best points I ever spent in a game, my Devs ripped apart Chaos Marines more brutal than my Wraith cannons!
I was like dude, i'm sorry, but the plasmas needs to feed! hehe
Well, i didn't even know what to post but i wanted to post something on Easter!
I hope I can get a few extra games now then I have spring break.

Well have a great Easter.


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