söndag 25 januari 2015

Thoughts Psykers: Part two

Today it was a special day.
Me and my cousin played a FULL Psyker list, we talked a lot after the first part of the psyker-post so we decided to do an ALL Psyker list and guess what, Eldrad of course!

So both list was pretty simlar, Eldrad and Farseers on bikes as much I could get and him taking Sorcerers and Ahriman.

So the whole point of the game was: How much can you summon until end of turn 5.
No objectives or something, just straight up kill main burn.
We both summoned a lot of Demons but took double as much Perils of the warp! Hilarious!
Ghosthelm is a real hero! with 34 warp dice on the first turn it was ok to discard a few.

We had a LOT of proxy going on (sorry ) but as I say we often proxy a unit before go out to the store and buy it couse maybe it's not our playstyle you know.
Well the Demons poured on the table along with Heralds and heroes from both Chaos Space Marines and Eldar were Sacrificing themselves for the greater power their bodies couldn't handle. Awesome! So much Carnage.

I remember to take a few pictures before the battle was on.

Have a great day!

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