tisdag 20 januari 2015

Update and thoughts: Psykers

Last weeks I've played a lot of games.
We had a several 1850 pts 'basement games ' as i started to call them, the basement games is pretty much me and my cousin playing and testing out lists and units we want to play that we are 100 % sure to buy or to not, it depends how they preform on the table, so sometimes more than wysiwyg proxy, maybe even models, most models on my cousins side.
I continued to play that 3 raider list with death company list, I really like the play style of it.
I used my WraithWall and Imprial gu... I mean Astra Militarum.

Astra Militarum game was really exiting, a lot of tanks blew up and demolisher canonns tha missed each other all that kind of craziness!

I have starting to see a trend here with psykers and psychic phase that either you're in or you're out, I mean of course that you either go with double libbys both jacked up with ML2, double farseers rocking all the powers you like backed up by Warlocks or like my cousin used the last games for counter, 2 sorcerers and a allied black legion sorcerer with ML3 all they way, pricy! but effective against like the Wraithwall that needs it psychic powers to go off to the army will crumble down very fast with the right weapons.
You play as I did with my Astra Militarum list: No psyker at all, you say Fillee uhm use Primaris psyker you can take 3 in a slot and bla bla .... NO, first of all that's not the Guard way! even its effective I wouldn't be that asshole  in casual games, that's not even funny and second, if i would play Primaris psykers I would see more powers shut down than up due to 3 sorcerers list for example.

As I was writing this I checked up BoLS article from September 22 2013 to see the ranking of the most powerful psykers in the game right now.

Eldrad Ulthuan
Kairos Fateweaver

If you want to read the article by yourself you got it right here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2013/09/40k-best-psyker-is.html

So guys how do you play your psykers or how do you deal with them?
What you you think of the top psykers?

Until next time!

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