tisdag 20 januari 2015

Kill Team

Few days ago Allee (cousin) and I finally started our Kill Team Campaign with the heralds of ruin kill team rules, great expansion! I love it!
It goes really fast if you're just play two players because we can push in maybe three or four games on a evening! (Take that standard 40k!)

If you are interested you test it out by yourself or if you live near Vimmerby (Sweden) would like to join our group playing go ahead and make you own kill team! Here is the link to most played gaming system this year (so far) with 8 games in total already and counting.


They are running a great blog!
Thank guys for sharing all the goodness to let the community grown, in fact Kill team is the easiest an cheapest way to recruit new players to this awesome hobby!

Until next time have a great week!

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