onsdag 21 januari 2015

The New Years Resolution 2014

So last year about this time I announced my new years resolution with just a small picture of a guys with a Heavy Bolter. That was the first model to be painted for my resolution which I can present to you now!
My goal was to paint 1000 pts worth of Space Marines in a colour (as base) that I have not used for a lot of time. Red!
I made my own Chapter called Blood Templars somethingsomething in the furture, the name if unsure but the combat doctrine and iconagraphy have both a blood tear and the crusader mark.
I have been putting up some pictures of it but god my lord I said to my self 1000 pts of "anti Xeno" because they are suppose to be Xeno hunters right? So lot of AP 4 medium strength and a lot of shots and close combat, with assault element and armour.
I began used the Black Templars but more and more I in-bedded the Blood angels in the lore most with the connections to Librarians which they sworn an oath to slay but stuff happens and the ][ needs to put an end to this.

Then to blood Angels codex came out and wow I'm glad I converted!
So much more options with units and HQ like Priest or Librarians instead just have to roll up the chaplains.

I'll dump some pictures and I put up a picture on the army and I'll let you guys count how much it went up to.

Have a great day!

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