måndag 13 april 2015

Warhammer 40.000 Campaign Kill team: THE SOURCE


If you have missed out part one you can find it here.


After finding enough clues Sergeant Nathan Galler listed out where the facility lied. When arriving they met heavy resistance of the PDF that had entrenched themselves in a bunker position.

-We are the Seigebreakers. We are the iron itself! Shouted Galler and ran towards the trench system. The lasguns blazed but the power armour just shrug off the shots. He jumped right down in the trench and shot one guardsman in the chest with his bolt pistol and PDF solider fell back and died before he reached the ground. 
Another guardsman charged him and he draw his chainsaw and cut of one of his legs in taunt. The fallen defender with one leg bleed to death as Galler went up to him. He tried to ask where the artillery was but before he had finish the sentence one big pound echoed to flat surface around the bunker. Galler knew that sound and took cover as fast as he could.

The earthshaker round exploded when it reached the ground in a big boom and Galler heard screams. Anthonas Carrman shouted to him in the vox.
-We have to move fast to destroy that cannon! Yelled Galler to Carrman

-I saw where it fired from, let me see what we can do about it sir, said Carrman

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