tisdag 14 april 2015

Angels of Penance UPDATE PICTURES

After a few days work in with all the models primed and ready to go I quickly started on the Termainators and the Librarian.
The colour scheme I was heading for in my mind was something in line of:  "brass with some details and some paint to make them stand out from the other"  and well it worked in my opinion.

After painting the second one I... noticed ONE little detail. It's the same freaking colour of the Minotaurs chapter! I got so sad over this mistake and I didn't want to sit down and start over again.

Then, the Angels of Penance was born! From the fire and plotting in my brain. The Angels of Penance endless quest to defeat the Alpha Legion after a long period (you can read it if the post before).
Clean up your house before cleaning in your front yard! Right??? epic quote right there i'm feeling it.

Here is some pictures of the models I have finished, little bit of touch- ups before the Convention.

This will be my Dark Angel squad for a Kill Team. I got Deathwing and Tacticals. what more can you ask for?
I will leave this for now and update the rest when it's done.

Stay healthy, stay awesome
Yours truly, Fillee

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