onsdag 10 april 2013

Work of the day

This is my Bike Sergeant for my full bike squad.
I put a magnet in his arm joint if I would like to have a Power sword or a Combi weapon instead. 

I was pretty happy how the stubble turned out! As you can see it's a Dark Vengeance bike. I just trimmed down the ugly Dark Angels iconography
then removed the click'n play torso and replaced it with a ordinary torso.
Unfortunately I got no good picture of his head..

Well here is some pictures anyway! Enjoy
 Painted the wingthings with bronze but it took so much attention so I repainted it black.

So here is the arm that you can simply just pull of anytime.

Opps, missed the skull with Tin ;)

The head is from the Cadian Command sprue.

That was that! Now some good sleep!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome work, man! The black wings definitely work and I really dig the two-tones hair you did on the head, that's a nice touch!

    1. Thanks! ^^ About the wings I think that was a good decision.
      I'm happy with the result of the stubble :)