tisdag 2 april 2013

Autarch convsion

Autarch Fri'el

This model is converted from the leged/ robed part of a Warlock, a guardian body.The sword arm are form the old Shinning spear kit. The other hand is from Weapon platform guardian.

The head I simply took a guardian head and put two "vains" at the sides, cut off some stuff and greenstuffed a flat surface, at the end I was not happy with the head but I think it's OK.

Then I painted him to look like an Autarch.
So the history behind this guy, before he got the job as an Autarch he was a spiritseer.
So Fri'el the spiritseer is blind and sees the world as a wraith, like a small ninja wraithguard! Hehe
The only downside now at a 4th ed codex I NEED two Farseers at my standard 1500-1750pts, just to let the jetbikes survive. So I can't play with him so often, yeah I could proxy him as a warlock or a Farseer, but Fri'el is not a Farseer for me! He is my ninja-wraith-dude!

So I really hope the new codex comes out soon so I can use Autarchs again!


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