onsdag 3 april 2013

The assault on what?

 The Assault on Bal’cel IV

The Space Marine chapter known as the Doom Legion has secretly started an invasion on the Bal’cel system. Bal’cel IV’s grassy environment is a great start for this.

The Bal’cel system has an owner since many millennia ago- the eldar force of Alaitoc.

Autarch Fri’el and Warlock Ipie needs to put up a small force and repel the invaders. Can Fri’el success? Or will they become lambs to slaughter?

This was our small demo to an event in the same building were our game club is. It was fun to write a story behind each unit and some special rules, like putting in a warlock as a IC with several wounds and  cool stuff..
I'm slowly working on this demo, to put in other models, different missions and stuff.


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