tisdag 9 april 2013

Adding a small terrain piece

Here is the result guys!

I spray painted it  Skull White.
Used watered down Mourfang Brown as a base for the soil.
Bestial Brown (watered down) for the ruin.
Then it was dry, I did the same process without water.

I drybrushed the ruin with Tausept Ochre then drybrushed the soil with Snakebite Leather.

I heavily watered down a mix of Abbadon Black and little dot of Khemri Brown. I washed the whole thing. 
Went over with the drybrush again with the same above. When everything was dry I took Bleached Bone and highlighted the soil and the ruin, then used Longbeard Grey on the edges just to make it a little more sharp.
And finished of with some metal bits and grass with my own mix. (from GW and an old train company thingy I bought from work a long time ago.)

I green stuffed a triscale(spellcheck on that plz?) with a wire support, then it's dry I will paint it like a vine so it look's like the plant has climbed. 

Mr Skeleton will be put down at the debris :)


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