onsdag 17 april 2013

Grey Knights 04-17

I bought the Grey Knights codex cheap of a friend last weekend. I have read and sucked in all information I can get from the codex. To say, this codex is still pretty good, the only things that in my opinion took a hit in 6th is the power weapons, there is not a reliable way to deal with heavy infantry  like Termies.

You guys know what I'm talking about.. When you read so much about a race that you can't stop thinking of it. Yeah you know the feeling...
So I went online aaaaaand......

Picked up this... 
3 Strike squads
5 Paladins
And a failcast Lord Kaldor Draigo with some bubbles, but not too serious. I removed the arm so It don't break off then I'll paint this guy, I also removed the shield now. 

The dude had no idea what he put in the squads. I called my Gk-friend and "stole" his Gk-bits.
I took two strike squads and the paladins with Halberds (That looked much better!), if I hade more I think I would go for the 3rd squad.
I'm gonna pick up some black spray tomorrow and start prime the models.

It will soon be a 1000pts tournament at the game club. 
I'm thinking of using Space Marines or Imperial Guard, i'm not sure. the future will tell. 
After the tournament I'll but up the army list, basic tactics, some pictures and how I did.


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