söndag 7 april 2013

Inactive Sunday.. Huummff...

Sup guys!
Today I ended up with no 40k game at the club. reallyreallyreallyreally tired! *__*

A friend's miniature at the gaming club. His nork guy, I saw this little guy in his bit box and decided to put him on nork. I must say, it's fitting quite nicely! 

Then I got home it ended up with watching  Fahrenheit 9/11, Directed by Michael Moore. 
I must say it was a pretty heavy documentary.

Right now I'm watching some reviews on the Vampire Counts Units. I like the look of the zombie horde running down the hill, backed up by Blood knights and Varghulfs flying around and chopping down cannons and all the cool stuff! Let's see what the future says about 120 zombies to begin with..

Tomorrow I will paint up some Tactical marines and work on my bike project, like mag 'em up and convert a attack bike. To be honest, Gw's model looks kind of goofy, year 40,000 and a bikes can't drive around with a multi melta, BUT dev can run around with it.

Well that was all. Good Night!

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