måndag 8 september 2014

Conversion Contest 2013 Throwback Tzeentch Soul Grinder

Last year I entered a Conversion contest at the club, the project was supposed to be done at the end of the summer. I took the biggest model available in the shop and began.

I was totally sold at that moment with grey knights and the Inquisition, I bought all the books and all kinds of stuff, so it fell normal to do two kinds of Inquisitors fighting a big beast say like a Daemon!
This tzeentchian Daemon worked really good, a great kit to use. I had a blast building and painting this dude!

What I can remember I'd just showed you guys a picture of the finish product. So not I'm about to share some of my work in progress pics!

The Armour colour is made as the same how Sons of Horus are made.
Spray Black
Paint the whole model a dark grey (dont't remember the name)
Drybrush with Dawnstone
Highlight with White Scar on the places where light hits
Wash it with Biel-Tan
Go back to White Scar the do touch-ups!

The warp sword is renamed to 'the sun sword'!

The finished product ready to 'Philem bombardment' the crap of the battlefield!

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