tisdag 24 februari 2015

Do you even base bruh?

Basing the models will always be a big step and commitment in this hobby.
Some of you enjoy it, some of you just do it, you know slap on some dirt and mix it with the PVA glue.
Some of you are like me, I wanna do it or I'll do it in my right step. If I skip it, you know those models will never get their bases done.
Then there are the guys that just don't do it. I mean not even a clean - up on the base, just still with the base colour splashed on it.

THANKFULLY  GW and Citadel released the Technical paint for about three years ago, first all the guys was like " so we are gonna buy this that we have been doing on are own for like 23 years?  Not gonna happend!  "

I was that dude until the technicals hit my store, some of you might know that I work in a toy store that sold Warhammer for ages. So when this product hit the store I was like: okay it's cool, I'll buy one and test it on a few models.
The next day I bought  four different types of them.
Since then it went ALOT faster and FUN to base the models!
The most used for me is Stirland Mud.  It looks great on it's own, even without  a wash or dry brush.
But when you do it fits the most tables or even on plain grass tables  because..  you know ... IT'S MUD!  Then a two meter tall space marine runs around,  throwing himself from cover to cover you would expect the grass being completely vanquished so for me it was a simple choice.

On these pictures I show my models that I have been using the technical paint on that I'm happy with.

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