söndag 1 februari 2015

Basement game 4

Played a 1500 PTS game a few Fridays back.
Alpha legion vs sentinels  of terra supplement and as you know now, Iron Warriors.
Tested out centurions in this game  for the first time which didn't  do much but they was the key to the real hero: The lonely Thunderfire Cannon was the workhorse! More than 25 % of the damage done lobbing out the small blast and sunder the earth under the traitor marines and took out 10 marines in a really lucky shot that my centurions had glanced to wreck by disabled the engine with their Graviton weapons.

After that the 20th Legion's moral was at the bottom.

The vindicators got blown away it's weapon in return after exploded another rhino and with it three 1k sons members. The havocs with four lascannons went on hunt and took a few marines down with point blank shots out from cover.

The drop pods and the commander was just there to show off and being a real annoyance in the deployment zone. Rocking down five Tactical Terminators with the teleport and used their bolter drill and took down a few man and went on standby with their powerfists. 

Ahirman used Breath of chaos and toasted three of them in a single phase which was a risky move for the 4th legion knowing their objective,  get to both side of the bunker and slay Ahirman.

So they had to sacrifice a few Veterans for the mission and lucky enough the commander showed of right in time for helping them and inspiring them to a glorious combat that can only end in bloodshed! 

With only two veterans left the charged the remaining 1k sons members and knowing they did their last moment in service to the emperor.

The commander was so inspiring that they went berserk and put out more attacks  to stall their opponent and tie them up for the rest of the battle. 

Ahirman had no chance for five hard hitting powerfist attacks coming at him and was slain like a dog. Receiving victory with 9-0 points scored to the 4th Legion.

Wow what happened there, that was not the intended with this battle report.

I asked on the chat at Warmaster.com how I could evolve my blog and I few of the good guys wanted more battle reports  and better pictures!

I agree to both, currently I live in a mancave in the basement until I get a new apartment to rent.

So the room us very dark and it makes the pictures look weird even with full light. All over the place so you guys have to forgive me until I get a better place to take pictures.

I would love to make more battle reports, that I have been posted before I'm too shot and no details. I will add more of this in the future. Or I will film it all on the phone instead and make use of the content in another  way, time will tell.

Have a great day guys!  Bye ! 


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