tisdag 24 februari 2015

40k Burnout, Venoms and Iron Warriors

So yesterday I accidentally posted my BIG AND LONG draft for two posts!!
I will start from the beginning now!

In a desperate try to avoid a 40k burnout I bought two pieces of Dark Eldar Venoms for an (right now) Allied Detachment.
First off, these kits are amazing, a small little flying boat with lots of spiky bits. I love the idea of them and they look absolutely better than the Vypers! 
The kit come with three little crazy women attached to the flying terror.
I have decided to not have them on right now because I will have Warriors in them and I found a excellent use of them for some conversion to my Harlequins. These skimmers are a bit small as the transport for the quins but I don't ever think my opponents will mind. If they do, hey too bad.
I will start off with finding some equivalent Eldar weapons to make it more durable to use both for Dark Eldar and the quins.
I will post soon-ish some pictures when I actually start doing something with these awesome gunboats.
The second desperate thing I did to avoid the burnout was to actually buy World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. I know stupid idea but it work amazingly well to try to put out some energy on something else for some days and be fully recovered and start paint hard again.
I had put some work for fully paint up and play Iron Warriors but wait pre heresy! Yes! Go loyal or go home!

The result of my own Grav-cannon

This will be the base to the Thunderfire cannons

A bad photo of one of the Tactical Marines to the squad (WIP)

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