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The Siege Breakers Legio IV

I've used sentinels of Terra supplement not only try it out but to try a different play style.
I have been using not only one but three different types of units that I have never played with!
So this is something different I would say.
Iron Warriors are Siege Breakers so what I have selected for my 1850 pts list is Drop pod assault, and Heavy hitting stuff.

My new units are: Centurion Devastator squad, vindicators and Thunderfire cannons and I'm using a few different HQs to toy around with. The idea is to use templates and make use of the Bolter Drill doctrine.
Here comes a Picture- dump of my WIP for the Iron warriors, notice it's work in progress so bear with me guys!

In it's full glory!
notice that vindicators  and the rest will soon be added

This is the Legio IV's comander (Kantor conversion)

A fully functional commander if I wanna go with something different.

So this little bunny-guy with an old Khorne head, is now Lysander.

This awesome looking shield is made of an old Bretonian shield and a necklace part.  

His cape, it came out nice if think.

It is very unique what the grey knight kit come with good parts to convert with, can I see a chaplain? 

Techmarine for one of the thunderfire

These guys are my Centurion Devastator squad with my own converted Grav- cannons and amplifiers . 

A simple OSL for making it look glow and I went with green because my Plasma is blue and Volkite and other microwave- guns are redish. 

The destroyer squad

with a BIG..

.. ASS CANNON!... oh sorry missile launcher...

SO, here it is!
Thunderfire cannons! I will make a great little post in the future about these guys when I have played a few more games with them.. want I can say from now is that they are rock solid.

I took my time to base the most of the models right away instead of waiting a year with it.
It made a lot of impression of the models rightly so because one-way-coloured.

The list is following:

-Sentinels of Terra-
Pedro Kantor
5 man Terminator Tactical Squad
5 Stern guard in a drop pod
3 Centurion Devs armed with Graviton Cannons and Graviton Amplifier 
X2 5 man tac squad with plasma and combi plasma  in drop pods
2 thunderfire Cannons
1 Vindicator

Aegis Defense Line

With the allied detachment of Iron Hands with:
-Clan Raukaan-
Master of the Forge
5 Stern guard in a drop pod
5 man scout squad
1 Vindicator
If I have the points I will have some of the pods with beacons or at least one.

Models that I have for swap out and try thing are:
More scouts (snipers)
A regular Space Marine Captain with Power Sword so with a simple conversion he could really be any special HQ
Librarian (Converted(soon) to be Tigi)
Few more Tacticals and heavy Weapons, they are suppose to be Destroyer Squad with converted Jump- Packs so I converted the heavy weapons from GK box to look like the missile launcher that is used with Phosphex bombs and Rad Missiles.
A Dreadnought, haven't decided what type yet but a Siege Breaker- type.
Few more Tactical Terminators

I hope you took your time and read and looking forward a much as I do to see them steamrolling the battlefield!

See ya' guys!
Truly yours! Fillee40k

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