tisdag 3 mars 2015

Battle Report #1

So this Sunday (1/3) we played a 1850 pts battle.
We rolled for deployment and got Vanguard Strike, Purge the alien for mission, rolled the warlord traits but none of us got anything notable.

After both of us sat up our armies, the table looked like this. I took my main attack force to the right and the MoF and his group to the left.

Alexander put his two havoc squads with missile launchers on the top of the building and the rhinos with chosens and marines in the middle and the hell brute with TL lascannon to the side.

Here is a picture of everything that was in reserve or in a transport, so lots of point on both sides.

HE STOLE IT FROM US... FILTHY CHAOS he stole the initiative roll and pushed all rhinos forward and turbo boosted them. I think he forgot how fast my bikes can move.
He shot several bikes but didn't did any real damage to me, only one biker died.
My turn I pushed the bikes to the left to get into position.

I shot the  with the land speeders missiles and cracked open one of the rhinos then shot the conversion beam and killed a few guys, with some bad armor saves from his side.

Chaptermaster  used his Orbital bombardment and exploded the second rhino. 

My bikers and the third rhino didn't had that luck so only manage to put some glancing hits on it so I had to assault it, you know it's a victory point based mission and his lvl 3 sorcerer had some good psychic cards so I had to trade one point for another.
I tried to assault the chosens with my master but failed the 7" charge with a simple 6! a 6! and he took a free melta shot in the face in the overwatch.

TURN TWO- Alpha Legion
The hell turkey came on the board and vectorstriked a biker and killed him right on the spot.
His terminators deepstriked down and flamered and used all the comi-melted my WARLORD (OHNOES)
I jinked with the group took one wound by the flamer (really) and failed 1 LoS and manage to make EVERY SINGLE melta cover save (seeeeeet) so one dude died and my warlord was safe.

The sorceress used the stupid power psychic screech or whats the name and killed the whole squad of plasma bikers.

He used all the missile launcher and manage only to put 3 pens on the speeder and I failed one jink resulting it to explode.
Then he charged the chosens and Lucius the eternal, had a great combat with 7 attacks with the rampage rule and manage to kill a lot of guys and Lucius himself.

TURN TWO- Salamanders
One Storm Raven and one Storm Talon came in and tried to fire a load of dakka in to the dinobot failed to do anything and then killed only two guys with the plasma cannon with 3/5 ones on the dice to wound.

I suicide the bikes in to the guys at the staircase and did some damage but got withered  down in combat with only MoF executing his champion with power sword.
Chaptermaster killed a few more.
And my saviors came THE TERMINATORS, they chewed though every marine and took the sorceress down with the hammers.

The next few round was just a mop-up. He tried to do some damage to the stormraven successfully made one jink and it lived another day with one hull point.
Teminators helped MoF out of combat. 

Then we had some good old terminators vs terminators, he was putting on more wounds with the bolters and his charge but I wouldn't roll and bad saves with those shields, only two went down in the end and I slaughtered his terminators and laughed at his 5++ save!

Salamanders won with 9 points to 2!


Chapter master, MoF ( who lucky survived)  and the Terminators!

What do we think of Terminators with Storm Shields?

Let me know what I can do better with my reports or just anything with my blog. If it where not for all those who read, I wouldn't do this and every single of you counts!

Have a great week!

Yours truly - Fillee40k

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