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Warhammer 40.000 Campaign Kill team: THE SOURCE

The source

Chapter I
Ba'cel III

Ba’cell III was and old Imperial Colony, now overgrowth. The main purpose was to drain water in to large tanks, large enough to fit in at least an escort ship then transport the water to the Imperial World of Ba'cel VII for the civilians and the military structures and manufactories.
The Imperial Colony were the water drain station is located sure is a mystery for the water was drained from the big underwater caves. The whole facility lies under the ground.

The Frigate 'True Iron' from Loyalist Iron Warriors went in orbit with the planet Ba'cel III.
 After readings picked up a distress signal who were dated at the number  6.9-<deleted information> M41 meaning that the source from the message could been several years or even decades old from were it was transmitted. The message was too broken to be read but Lord Commander Favriss Escelon sure wanted to investigate the signal.
The distress signal came from one of the old PDF structures, the mission is first to secure the building the signal came from and use it as a base of operations.

Veteran Sergeant Nathan Galler, you and your team will be deployed a few kilometers from one of the PDF structures, search it, look for clues and then move on to the second one. It might be some solider left from the PDF, if they are hostile, try to get as much information as possible from them before you put them to your sword.
Your will be equipped with a locator beacon, once you have secured a base Brother Waruss will be teleported down to help you search for the drain. His tactical terminator armor will sure be an asset in the labyrinth down there.

To be continue......

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