tisdag 15 juli 2014


In this list I'm using wraiths as main force and my defence line with some guardians and rangers way in the back and if I can I won't put an objective there because I know they will try to steal it and if something is going to hit t3 it will get vaporised by anything better than a grot blaster. 
The pictures I'm putting out is from a game when this happend.  I was running towards my enemy and the guardians got crushed. I was trying to make it with some wraiths over the those are slow then you need them.

The list I have written and tweak little on is.


10 wraithblades w/ axe and shield.
5 wraithguards
10 guardians w/ scatter laser
5 rangers

2 Wraithlord w/ glaive, flamers and shruriken cannon (for extra shots)
Wriathknight w/ suncannon (got to love it) shield, scatter laser for twin-linking goodie.


This list is massive. I just love it, played a few games against necrons and The only thing I have problems with is the lychguards and overlords which in this game I remember to take pictures on he had them 10 strong and outflanking with the warlord trait.

Close game but the Knight is just too fucking awesome.  He looks so damn scary too. ;)


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