torsdag 3 juli 2014

Story telling (WIP)

Earth shocked. The guardsmen of the 65th regiment were totally destroyed and everyone ran for third and last defence post at the city of Dragmonto. The city were lost, demons rampaged everywhere and the traitor legion screamed for victory, another city who had fallen to the Alpha Legion dark hands.
Alpha legion's most successful sorcerer were the summoner and commander of the powerful spawns of chaos.
The demons were called flamers for their burst blue flame who killed every guardsmen that they touched.
The 6th regiment were under functional number for regroup and General Broadgill maybe wasn't the leader the regiment needed, for he was busy in other things in his bunker.
Blue company sended a distress signal to adeptus minitorium but never been answered to.
The blue company made a last stand at the outpost, yellow company made the second call the adeptus minitorium Awnser was : the second company of the salamanders astarters is on its way. Cournel jihb were relived and the third defenceline were getting prepared.

This is the first little part in the story how my Imperial guard and Salamanders get allied. 

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