tisdag 15 juli 2014

Painting yellow and space marines

My girlfriend asked me a few days ago why I don't have a "yellow army " well it's not because it's sooooo damn hard the get the yellow in a good way, it's more because I had this 1000 pts of Imperial Fists a long time ago and I sold a some of the and the rest stripped down the paint on the things I could use.
But... now just because she asked, my mind is deciding if I should start paint up some Lamenters.?
Well I always wanted to do something with the blood angels codex and I'm a space marine freak so I think it's time to start a small force only with Death Company marines and dreads.
Well... The future will tell!
Also I just want to say that I miss you Niklas my Brother in arms and old neighbour!  It was too long since I saw you now. We need to hang out soon and play some games.
Enuff said. Bye.

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